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The 1.21GW Starter

The 1.21GW Starter

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Warning: 1.21GW is not for the caffeine sensitive.

The 1.21GW Starter is for those ready to take their fitness to a whole new level.

The 1.21GW Starter includes:

Ready to take your goals serious? Good. This is the stack that'll help you do it. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 151 reviews
Pre workout 1.21

This pre-workout is the best as far as sustained energy, no jitters, last awhile. No irritability. I’ve tried others because they’re advertised and I stop taking them because of side effects. I depend on 1.21 for clean energy

Steven C.
Pre-workout 1.21gw

Awesome buzz & pump! Reminds me of the “purple pill” no longer available.

Jerri ..

Its definately a power booster, found it best to half that dose, fine because it will last twice as long. Great product

Thank you for your feedback Jerri! We hope it continues to meet your expectations. Thanks for choosing 1.21GW!

Kati Y.

Great flavor, great boost of energy for my workout!

Thank you for your feedback Kati! We're so glad to hear that our 1.21GW product has helped give you an energy boost for your workouts ;)

Angela L.
Great preworkout


Thank you for the review Angela! :)

Rob O.
Crazy effective

Exactly as advertised. No need for a double scoop like I have to do with other brands. One easily does the job. Even a half scoop might work for some. This gets me amped for my workout.

Thank you for the feedback Robert! 1 scoop FTW!! Try Giants Brew sometime, its the in house favorite :)

Kendel K.
Great stuff

This stuff amazing. The pump you get from this has to be one of a kind. Flavor wise also great.

Thanks for the feedback Kendel! We're glad you're enjoying the product !! :)


These sample packs are great to keep in your gym bag so you will always have a serving of 1.21 ready to go. This stuff is the best for clean energy with no crash.

Great review Gene! These sample packs are convenient and perfect for staying on the go!!

Nicole M.
Gives you needed energy quick without the crash

Loved this product. Candy Crush was my favorite flavor. I need it first thing in the AM to get me going.

1.21 in the morning will definitely get you going Nicole. Thanks for the review :)

Patrick W.
This hecka works!

I love this pre-workout, you definitely will feel it working and give you that energy in your workouts. Especially when are doing workouts in the morning or early morning. I am an advanced lifter and a 1/2 scoop is worth it for me. I had a full scoop and it was a zolt of energy! I would strongly suggest to NOT do a full scoop for a cardio driven workout. Definitely do a 1/4 or 1/2 scoop. Overall experience has been amazing! Keep it up team

Thanks for the review and feedback Patrick! We appreciate you and your passion for working out!! Welcome to the family :)