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Joint Factor

Joint Factor

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Joint Factor is a Scientifically Formulated Joint & Tendon Support

  • Improve Joint Comfort & Flexibility*
  • Reduce Joint Pain & Discomfort*
  • Support Joint & Tendon Health*

Let's face it, if you're working hard you're going to have some joint pain occasionally. The more mileage you put on your body, the more moans and creaks you're going to notice. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Gabriel F.
Great product!

I’ve used joint factor for about a month now and it makes a huge difference. It’s helped a lot with joint pain in my knees and elbows. I’d definitely recommend adding this in if you’re wanting to focus more on your joint health!

Gabriela A.

Amazing product!

We're glad you like it Gabriela!! :)

Good product

I have used Joint Factor off and on as needed for a lingering knee issue. I always feel improvement within a week or two. It does the trick in my experience.

We're glad it does the trick for you Ryan!!

Karen H.
If you're active, you should add this to your routine!

I like to life and run at an age when joints start to get cranky. Not only does this help manage normal crankiness, it helps me notice when I have a bigger issue. One note - when they say to take with a meal, they mean it. Thanks Nutrithority team!

Thank you Karen!!!

Virginia S.
Joint Factor

I've been taking joint factor for about 3 weeks, and I notice the difference when I get up in the morning.

That's great Virginia!!! Happy it has been helping !! :)

Dustie S.
Trigger finger gone.

Arthritis in my hands with trigger finger … go thru 2 full bottles, do not miss a day and you will be shocked what happens. Life changing

Thanks Dustie!!

John G.
Amazing product!!

My joints have never felt better since taking the Joint Factor. Between weight training, martial arts, and being an active dad, I needed something to help my joints keep up. This has done the trick.

Thank you John!

John S.
Joint Factor Helps Tendonitis in Hands

I am a guitar player experiencing tendonitis in my fretting hand. For the first month of dealing with tendonitis, I did nothing except rest my hand. For the second month I started taking Joint Factor. While my hand isn't completely healed, the progress I've experienced during the second month while taking Joint Factor has far outpaced the first month where I did nothing except rest. I am going to continue to take Joint Factor until my hand has no more pain.

Thank you so much John! Keep using it, I think you'll love the results.

Great product

Going into my 30's and putting extra strain on my joints by competing in NPC Figure this year, I needed something that would support me. Using Joint Factor was the best thing I could have ever done. The quality in Nutrithority products is unmatched. Will continue to use!

Thanks Dusti!

Jessica B.
Buy ItYour Body Will Thank You!

I۪ve spent much of my life in athleticsfrom a collegiate athlete, bodybuilder to newbie powerlifter, my body and joints have taken a beating and just aren۪t what they used to be. I started incorporating joint factor well into my powerlifting meet prep after I was reintroduced to an old nagging SI joint injury I had several years ago. After a couple weeks of incorporating joint factor daily and lots of mobility work I was not only pain free, but all of my lifts were more fluid and form improved tremendously! Definitely recommend!

Thanks Jessica!!