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If you're looking for a mild pre workout drink, this isn't for you.

1.21GW was made for extreme levels of energy and focus.

When we say extreme, we mean extreme.

This isn't your mama's pre workout drink.

If you want to take your workouts to another level and know you're going to need a whole-pot-of-coffee type of energy, keep reading.

1.21GW is unparalleled pre-workout fulmination.

Sounds cool, but what in the blue blazes does that mean? 

Let's break it down:

  • Explosive Energy & Strength
  • NO Crash
  • Amplified Intensity
  • Tunnel-Vision Focus
  • Single-Scoop Serving

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 130 reviews
    Jevon C.

    I was able to get a pretty intense pump and the rush of energy I like to feel.

    Thanks for the review Jevon!! 1.21 is pretty intense indeed, glad you liked it :)

    Aidan S.
    Fantastic Customer Service

    The thought and care that went into my order was unmatched. Truly a company that values its customers and I will be ording all future supplements from nutrithority specifically for this reason.

    Thanks Aidan, Welcome to the family!!! :)

    Jennifer V.
    Love my strawberry protein and 1.21!

    Always happy with my nutrithority products, but especially love the strawberry protein and -.21 is the perfect pre-workout! Absolutely love the quality of nutrithority products!

    Thanks for the review Jennifer, so happy you like the products!!!

    Mariah H.
    One of my favorite preworkouts

    I have tried many different kinds of preworkouts and this is one that doesn't upset my stomach, gives that small itch/warmness that I really love from a preworkout & all the flavors are really good!

    Thanks for the review Mariah, 1.21 is an in house favorite!!! :)

    Ryan O.
    Great preworkout!

    Highly recommend 1.21GW. Gets me going at 3:15AM without the “jitters!” I always feel like I maximize my workout when I use 1.21 GW…and it tastes great too!!

    Thanks for your review Ryan, 1.21 is a tasty high energy option. Glad you like it!!!

    Larissa H.

    I liked and felt the pep !

    It will definitely put some pep in your step Larissa!! We're happy you liked it :)

    Katherine K.E.
    Love the flavor

    This pre workout gives me lots of energy pre workout without the trash side effects. The flavor is a definite plus .

    We're happy you like the product Katherine!!! It is tasty as well :)

    Quality Protein

    Nutrithority has the best tasting protein and the quality is phenomenal. You can’t beat the price and the free shipping and freebies they send when you get your order.

    Welcome to the family Matthew, you're gonna love it!! :)

    Wayne H.
    The 1.21GW Starter

    Perfect way to save cash on your favorite products. Bundles are always a good idea.

    Thanks for your review Wayne, we appreciate your business!!

    Kim N.
    Best flavor

    Best flavor I’ve tried

    Thanks for your review Kim, We appreciate you. :)