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Our Story

I was tired. Tired of searching, tired of trying, and tired of failing.

The amount of effort I was putting in was not being matched with my results. I had been trying to dig deep and understand how to truly manipulate my body the way I wanted to… but just couldn’t get the wheels to turn.

That’s when I did it. 

I sent every penny I had to a stranger hoping for help. In December of 2006, $2000 was my entire savings. You might be wondering how and why I decided to send my money to a stranger, and that’s a valid question.


To truly answer, I have to start at the beginning.

Back when I was just a wee toddler…. Just kidding.

Growing up I had always been small. I wasn’t ‘miniature’ sized or anything, but I never looked my age. My nickname was ‘shorty’ and all the girls I had crushes on weren’t interested in me. They had their eyes locked on the anti-Jared’s. They wanted the ones that looked older than their age. The ones that puberty hits like a freight-train and hair starts sprouting in places they never expected.

I was just waiting for the day to see my first armpit hair - and what a glorious sight that was. When you’re small - or unhappy with your appearance as I’m sure many of you are - you focus on it. It’s the one thing that if you could change it would make you happy. Yet, I didn’t want to just ‘not be small’ - I wanted to be big.


I wanted to be a bodybuilder!

In fact, I wanted to be a Professional  Bodybuilder. I wanted to be Arnold, Dorian Yates, Jay Cutler… the guys in the muscle magazines at the time. I scoured the muscle magazines and absorbed every word. I learned the workouts of the pros... and their diets… and their supplements.

I knew this was going to be the answer. I was finally going to be able to take control of my body the way I want. If I wasn’t tall - at least I would have muscle. That’s what will finally make me feel confident in myself. It didn’t work. I didn’t see the progress I was expecting. In fact, I saw very little progress at all.

I had the pro’s on my side. I had the secrets. I had everything that I needed to finally transform myself, but why wasn’t it working?

I would start doing a new workout hoping for new results, but I didn’t see anything. I gave it time and stuck with it. I even set up ‘my own’ workout splits based on what I had learned in the magazines. No matter what I did, I stayed relatively the same.

Over time it became demotivating, causing me to stop working out for periods of time and focus on things like video games. Thankfully it didn’t last too long. I began searching for the answers I was looking for.



If the magazines didn’t have it - surely the internet did.

I scoured forum after forum, getting involved in the conversations and pretending to be older than 14 years old. I only found more of the same - more conversations about supplements. More conversations about what the pros were doing… and more people that didn’t have much more to show for results than I did. Years later, whether by fate or chance, I was referred to a new type of workout on a different website.

Eager to learn and intrigued as I was, I devoured the information on this forum. This place was unlike the rest. The questions were different. The answers were methodical and specific to the person. This was it - the information I had been searching for.

Truthfully, everything was over my head. I understood some of the basic tactics involved here and I implemented them and saw some progress - but nothing like I was looking for. Nothing that really gave me the explosive changes I knew were achievable with the amount of work I was putting into it.

That’s when I gathered my savings - all $2000 - and sent it off to someone that had studied this themselves for over twenty years. 


If there was one choice that set me to where I am today - that’s the one.

I absorbed everything I possibly could. I dissected each step along the way, asking why something was done. I wanted to be an expert, and I was going to do everything I possibly could. 

Fast forward a few years and I was taking this knowledge and applying it on my own. I trained myself for bodybuilding shows and then my friends started asking for help. If you’re anything like me, you may never see yourself as knowledgable as you really are. I didn’t think I had the capabilities to help my friends how they wanted. But, I was wrong again.


In 2012, I started 316FIT - my own coaching company.

Part of my coaching had to do with lifestyle clients - the everyday person that wants to look better and can’t figure out what they should do for their diet, exercise, cardio, supplements, etc. So I’d lay that out for them in depth.

The other part was my team of athletes. These people would train their asses off for upwards of sixteen to twenty weeks, never letting up on the gas. What they were able to accomplish was truly amazing, and a lot of fun to be a part of… but stressful.

At one point in time I had a team of nearly twenty-five people on stage on the same day. I won five ‘team awards’ for having the most, highest placing athletes on a team at different shows. Back in 2015, I also won “Trainer of the Year” which included all of Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas. Something I never expected to do.

Then in 2016, my client won “Athlete of the Year” for the same region… which I also never saw coming.


While these experiences were awesome and I loved every minute, it wasn’t the reason I started coaching.

It was because I absolutely HATE a lack of character and honesty.

If I’m being truthful, I never expected to be a coach myself. Maybe it was in the back of my head in a far-off dream-land that I wanted to do some day… You know, something like starting a supplement company.

Anyway, when I first ‘coached’ people I didn’t feel ‘ready’ if you know what I mean. I had trained myself and trained friends but I had never had anyone PAY me for this kind of thing before.

Then I had a local trainer start advertising their services for lifestyle and competition prep. I knew this person (or people… to keep him/her/them anonymous) and I knew they had NO IDEA what they were doing. It was strictly a ‘money-grab’ for them.

I didn’t feel like I was ‘ready’ to train people myself, but I absolutely knew that if they were going to take clients on like this - they were going to HURT someone.

That’s the day I decided to start advertising my own services. Not because I wanted to ‘coach’ people, but because I had to try to help people and to show them there were better, safer ways.

Through coaching these people I was able to see results on literally thousands of people. I saw how supplements really helped people - and through my own studies and experimentation I found what worked and what didn't.

When I recommended them to my clients, I made sure to recommend what I was confident in. Unfortunately, this meant mixing a lot of different brands together. One brand for this, another for that.

I didn't like that - and I especially didn't like the messaging that was put out by these brands. It went something like this "Take our product and see 1000% increase in XYZ."

I remember what it felt like to fall into that trap. I remember seeing the supplements advertised and thinking that one more supplement was the answer.


I tried so many products with only minimal results... because supplements aren't the ANSWER.

Supplements are a tool. A tool that makes your job easier, more fun, and much more efficient. Supplements don't give you the knowledge of how to perform the job. They don't give you the motivation to do the work and they will never DO THE WORK FOR YOU.

Read that last part again - because I want to make sure I'm incredibly clear on that...

316FIT was a passion of mine for years. It is something I am incredibly proud of - but 316FIT was self-limiting in how many people I could help.

When I realized that, I felt the real calling to start Nutrithority. I made a commitment to do things the right way. I’m going to make that commitment directly to you right now as well. To be different. To be better. 

Those things that drove me nuts about the supplement industry?

The cheap ineffective formulas, the lies, the shady marketing, putting the genetic elite on a pedestal, and ultimately caring only about their pockets rather than your results.


Those are the reasons that drove me to start Nutrithority.

Just like when I started my training company, I felt the NEED to help people see there was a better way. A safer way.

We are going to do business the way we believe business should be done. We believe in honesty, integrity, and trust above all else. We believe in our character, reputations, and word.

We believe that premium products, great customer service, and open communication is how business is supposed to be done - not what makes us special.

We believe that it is our responsibility to fix what is broken, and if we don’t do it - no one else is going to. Whether we are right or wrong isn’t important, because we’re not going to change who we are.

If you think how you look is more important than how you act - we aren’t for you.

If you believe you’re better than anyone else because of your level of fitness - we’re not for you.

If you believe that to be successful you have to put others down - there are other companies that would welcome you with open arms.

It’s time for us to show you everything. The struggles, the pain, the joys, the sadness.

It’s time for a different industry.

It’s time for OUR  industry.

If you believe what we believe - join us.

If not, we’ll do it anyway.