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The Giant Stack

The Giant Stack

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The Giant Stack is unlike anything you've ever tried before. 

The Giant Stack includes:

Ready to perform at your peak? Build Muscle? Train like an Olympian? Good. This is what you've been looking for.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Gabby A.

I am extremely picky when it comes to pre-workouts. I struggle a lot with aftertaste but the watermelon flavor was amazing. Tastes like a watermelon jolly rancher! No after taste. Gives you the energy to get through a 2 hour workout. Amazing pump and no jitters! I always finish my workout with Nuthority protein shake, I always get vanilla only because I like to mix things up. I'll add fruits, peanut butter ect. My favorite duo ❤️

Thank you for your review Gabby! We are picky here too and love that you found the flavor to be refreshing and without any aftertaste!!! Great taste FTW!! :)

Wayne H.
The Fusion Starter

As always these stacks are the best for combining your needs and wants all in one package. I love Mr. fusion but also need other products to go along with it.

Stacks FTW, thanks as always for your business Wayne!!

Glenda j.
Mr fusion

I personally do not get the pump desired from this pre workout.

Hey Glenda, Mr. Fusion only has 150mg of caffeine per scoop... we offer other more intense pre-workouts if you need. Check out 1.21

Adan H.

The Fusion Starter

Jasmine H.P.

I really enjoy the usage of these products to a daily basis as I can see results in my strength, speed, and explosiveness during practice and rugby matches. Really tasty as well!

Thank you Jasmine!!

Great produts

The Fusion Starter contains products I use regularly. It's nice to buy them in a stack.

Thanks Ryan!

REnee D.

First protein powder that I found I absolutely LOVE!

Thank you Renee!!!

Great products

The Fusion Starter was the perfect introduction to the Nutrithority products. All flavors were delicious, especially the Protein Powder Caramel Coconut Cookie and Mr Fusion Pineapple Punch. Caramel Apple Amino Factor had a nice taste but much more apple flavor than caramel flavor. I received a handful of samples with my order, all of which were pleasant tasting. I will likely be switching from Mr Fusion to the 1.21GW preworkout. Fusion works well but I could use a little more bang and the sample provided helped me see the 1/2 serving size of the 1.21 is perfect for a little more energy and pump. Have definitely noticed less muscle fatigue and quicker recovery using these products. Will buy again!

Thank you Kristin!! Glad you liked it!

Lia M.
Awesome Taste

I loved all the products included with the “fusion starter.” The preworkout not only tasted good but I felt it gave me that extra push to finish a long workout. I will be buying again.

Thank you Lia!!

Victoria K.
Yummy Orange Cola

The best by far pre workout out there. The powder mixes well and does not clump up. I sometimes drink it on my off days for added energy boost if I feel sluggish. Definitely helps with helping hit my PRs. I sometimes forget I drank it because it does not give me that itchy jittery feeling you get with other powders.

Thank you Victoria!!