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Nutrithority Fill-N-Go Funnel

Nutrithority Fill-N-Go Funnel

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Only the best funnel you could possibly imagine, in two different sizes.
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Customer Reviews

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Melissa H.
Fill -N-Go Funnel

Love it. Makes it easier when on the road.

Easier is always better :)

James E.
Just what I needed

How many times I have fallen victim to protein powder in my backpack or gym bag… this fill and go funnel is a perfect way to transport your protein powder, pre-workout, or BCAAs To the gym, your work,etc! Thanks Nutirithority!

No more dusty bags!!! We're happy you like it too!! :)

Jamie F.
Fill go funnel

I really like these funnels with lids. The larger one holds more than enough volume for a protein drink, the small one is great for a preworkout scoop. But really if you aren't worried about the larger size, just buy the larger one over the small one since it will fit more if you need. Honestly though I have a couple of both because I mix protein powders together or add creatine to a mix, and can store it in a funnel until I'm ready to drink it. Would reccomend and will buy more since when I let my family members try a mix they end up keeping my funnel.

Thanks for the feedback Jamie! We're glad you like the funnels and find them helpful!! :)

Amanda M.
So convenient!

I love this funnel! I can put my powder in to carry with me to the gym so I don't have to carry the entire container! I can then add it to my shaker with ease. It is super convenient and easy to clean as well. Great purchase!!

Thanks for your review Amanda!! The funnels are awesome, we're happy you like them :)

Raelynn G.
So handy!

I have been carrying around my entire pre-workout back and forth every day or carrying it in a ziplock. This makes that process so much easier! Plus it fits right into a water bottle!

Thanks so much Raelynn!

Suzanne P.

Love this funnel. I used to spill everything trying to get it into my water more spills!

Thanks Suzanne!

Jeff C.
Everyone needs one!

These are amazing! Great to keep in your bag in case you forget shaker bottle! Great back up to utilize bottles with small openings!

Thank you Jeff!

Joanne C.
Fill n fill funnel

Love it!!

Thanks Joanne!