Isothority Sample

  • 100% Whey Protein Isolate
  • Award Winning Taste
  • Ultra High Bio-availability
  • 25g Pure Whey Protein Isolate

the science

Isothority is a cross-flow cold-microfiltered whey protein isolate. Sounds fancy, right? Let's break it down: Isolate is the purest form of Whey Protein available. You get less filler, carbs, lactose, etc. This means it also digests much more easily without stomach issues.

The method by which the protein is extracted is much more precise. Rather than using extreme heat, acid washes, and other harmful processes, we utilize a filtration system to isolate the protein.

This leaves an incredibly clean protein that is easy to flavor, has a great texture, and digests extremely well. There truly is not another protein that is this pure, and tastes this good.

Who is it For?

Everyone. If you are exercising, restricting your calories, or cleaning up your diet - you'll benefit from Isothority. Isothority is especially important after your workout as it will help you recover faster, be less sore, and boost your metabolism.

What Will I notice

This is a tricky question. Here's another way to look at it: What would you notice from eating a chicken breast, or egg whites? In general, you will be less sore after your workouts. Your body will adapt and gain strength and endurance much more easily. You'll also boost your metabolism and stave off hunger more easily when taking a quality protein source in.


How do I use it?

The most important time is after your workout - 1 scoop mixed with 6oz of water (or milk) will do it for most everyone. It can also be utilized at any other time you would need a protein source; as part of a meal, as a milk shake, or just to increase total protein intake for the day.


Customer Reviews

Based on 236 reviews
Sabrina M.
Current Fave!

Decided to try it after reading awesome reviews! I got the whipped cream banana flavor & I'm loving it! No gritty texture or weird after taste!

Thank you Sabrina!! Glad you like it!

Lisa G.


Michelle M.
Great product

Delicious and I love that it mixes very easily. No clumps, just a smooth protein drink.

Thank you Michelle!

Kenneth M.
Muscle builder!

It’s a great product, sadly the problem is over the last year I bought two hoodies from you guys mediums. Now thanks to your awesome products I’m definitely a large! 😂 Sadly can’t rep the hoodies no more but it has helped me crush my muscle gaining goals over the two years I’ve been using it!

I have been telling people every chance I get how awesome all the products I’ve tried are!

haha thanks Kenneth! Good problem to have!

Mathew P.
Isothority review

This is the smoothest and best tasting protien on the market. I have tried alot and stopped searching once this was recommended to me. It's great.

Thank you Mathew!!

Pennyann p.

I love the flavors and the quick delivery..

Thank you Pennyann!

Sarah M.
Love this stuff!

Loving my chocolate peanut butter protein powder! Taste amazing, fast shipping, great customer service! Can’t wait to try all the flavors.

Thanks Sarah!!


Omg best protein powder I have ever tasted. Amazing in shakes and for baking! Cant wait to try the other flavors.

Thank you Nicole!

Tina M.H.
Best Customer Service!!

I tried the Caramel Coconut cookie that everybody was raving about because I have a weakness for the Girl Scout Samoa cookies. Unfortunately it was a bit to sweet for me but I tried for weeks to see if I could adjust. I was ready to give up but I decided to contact Jared (the owner) to see if there was any option for an exchange. He is what every business should model. Not only was his response prompt, but he was bending over backwards to do whatever he could to try to give me other options without any expense to me! That ALONE will make me try every product on this website because it is so difficult to find great customer service…especially lately!! Support this business! He deserves it! Also, they included so many samples with my original order I was able to try just about everything so I know what to order next! This company is for the consumer!

Thanks so much for your awesome feedback Tina!

Jacqueline B.


Thank you Jacqueline!

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