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Flux + Equilibrium

Flux + Equilibrium

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Thermogenic Flux

  • All Day Energy*
  • Enhanced Memory & Focus*
  • Extreme Thermogenic*
  • Appetite Control*
  • Mood Enhancing*


  • Increase Fat Loss*
  • Regulate Cortisol*
  • Suppress Excess Estrogen*


Thermogenic Flux

Thermogenic Flux is a mild energy product. It is exceedingly rare for this product to cause jitteriness or anxiety. Only a smooth energy boost, enhanced focus, and decreased appetite.


  • Contain caffeine and provide energy
  • Increases metabolism
  • Staves off hunger
  • Increases mental focus and productivity
  • No-crash formula
  • No jitters or shakes 


Fat loss isn’t always as easy as we want it to. These products help to make your fat loss more efficient. More energy even when calories are low causes more calories to be lost. Decreased appetite helps you stick to the diet you want to follow without falling off. Enhanced focus and productivity helps you get more things done throughout the day.


Thermogenic Flux: 1 pill in the morning and 1 pill in the afternoon.


While you’re taking the product you’ll notice increased energy, productivity, less hunger, etc. You will also be burning more calories than normal and be able to lose weight at a faster rate than normal.

These products don’t “do the work” for you, but they enhance what you’re already doing. You should be following an exercise and nutrition plan. These products are just the cherry on top.

Thermogenic Flux is an advanced fat burning matrix. As a dietary supplement, consume (1) capsule immediately upon waking followed by (1) capsule in the afternoon. ALWAYS assess tolerance with the minimum dose of (1) capsule per day. Advanced users can use (2) capsules upon waking after properly assessing tolerance. USE ONLY AS DIRECTED. DO NOT EXCEED 3 CAPSULES PER DAY. DO NOT TAKE WITHIN 7 HOURS OF BEDTIME.


Equilibrium is hormonal balance support.

What does that mean?

Hormones can get out of balance easy in today's society. Our diets aren't perfect, we aren't getting enough sleep, and we have a lot of stress in our lives.

These types of situations leave us with a less-than optimal state for fat loss. Equilibrium helps to put those back into balance to let fat loss happen more naturally and easily.

Who is it for?

Equilibrium can be used by anyone wanting to lose weight that believes they may not have cortisol and estrogen in an optimal range. Cortisol is our response to stress - and almost all of us live stressful lives. Kids, family, work, sleep, caffeine, etc all add up to an increased cortisol level. Bringing those levels into balance helps speed fat loss up tremendously.

How do I use it?

One pill in the morning and one pill in the evening, easy.

What will I notice?

Less anxiety, less stress, and better sleep are the main things I hear from people that are utilizing Equilibrium. In fact I receive email after email from people detailing how they won't stop using Equilibrium because of how much better they feel on it.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mick H.

Awesome products as always!!

Thanks Mick!

Ashley H.
The best hormone control!

This is one of my favorite stacks. Flux is hands down my go to, to get back on track haha. Equilibrium I feel really helps control the crazy hormones I get as a woman on occasion. I feel way more level headed when taking it! If you۪re a female, I۪m not sure why you۪re not taking it yet honestly.

Thank you so much Ashley!!

Paula B.

Love these products and the company! Feel great and all questions answered!!

Thank you so much Paula!

Kimberlee N.
Immediate changes seen

Started taking this combo about 1.5 weeks ago and can already see an immediate change! I۪m sleeping better, aren۪t stressing at work and have energy to last through the day and workout afterwards! I am highly recommending these two together and am definitely buying more!

Calley E.
Love it!! Keeps me motivated

Love it!! Keeps me motivated and energized!

Carly S.
Finally lost inches

After months of working out I was told I should try these products by my coach. I carry weight only in my hips and thighs. Two weeks in I had finally lost an inch around my hips. Will continue to purchase.