Equilibrium is hormonal balance support.

  • Increase Fat Loss
  • Regulate Cortisol
  • Suppress Excess Estrogen

The Science

What does Equilibrium do?

Hormones can get out of balance easy in today's society. Our diets aren't perfect, we aren't getting enough sleep, and we have a lot of stress in our lives.

These types of situations leave us with a less-than optimal state for fat loss. Equilibrium helps to put those back into balance to let fat loss happen more naturally and easily.

Who is it for?

Equilibrium can be used by anyone wanting to lose weight that believes they may not have cortisol and estrogen in an optimal range. Cortisol is our response to stress - and almost all of us live stressful lives. Kids, family, work, sleep, caffeine, etc all add up to an increased cortisol level. Bringing those levels into balance helps speed fat loss up tremendously.

What will I notice?

Less anxiety, less stress, and better sleep are the main things I hear from people that are utilizing Equilibrium. In fact I receive email after email from people detailing how they won't stop using Equilibrium because of how much better they feel on it. 


How do I use it?

One pill in the morning and one pill in the evening, easy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Dustie S.
Heck YAS!!

The best hormonal balance for contest prep on the market!! Thank you for making your products the best… something that you actually feel working!!

Thank you Dustie!

Lisa M.
Swear by it!

Best stuff around to help keep my crazy hormones in line!

Thanks Lisa!!

Jessica S.
Can't go without

Have been using this product since June 2020. Definitely can say it suppresses my cortisol levels. Best product. Wouldn't go without.

Thank you Jessica!

Monica M.
First time user with this

First time user with this one! I recommend this - I just feel good۝

Thanks Monica!

Sandra P.
Recently ordered this and I

Recently ordered this and I like it. I feel like the longer I take it the better results I۪ll see.

Thank you Sandra!!

Shalamar K.
Love it!

Definitely love to use in conjunction with the thermo af and equilibrium.

Thank you Shalamar!

L B.
Great product!

This has been a great addition to my supplement regimen! In addition to ThermaFlux AF, I۪ve had more energy throughout the day and an overall feeling of wellbeing.

Thank you so much LB!

Adrienne K.
love it

love it

Thank you Adrienne!

Kara C.
Just started both but so

Just started both but so far great products!

Thank you Kara!!

Rany T.
Love this product!

I used this product during my prep then got off of it after. I stopped using it for a while until recently. I think it helps with balancing my hormone, which I have been out of wack as of late. Since I got back on Equilibrium I've been feeling much better. I highly recommend this product if you looking for something to help with hormone balance.

Thank you Rany!!

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