If there's a supplement that feels neglected, it's creatine.

Creatine is the has-been. Old news. No one seems to care anymore, or worse yet - it wrongfully gets a bad rep. 

You may have heard it before. Creatine is:

  • only water weight
  • harmful
  • only good for temporary strength increases
  • hard on your stomach
  • only for bulking


It's time for creatine to reclaim it's rightful place with a newer, better formula

The Science

Creagon is a next generation creatine with Russian Tarragon.

  • No Loading

  • No Sugar Required

  • No Bloating

  • Increased Absorption

  • Enhanced Strength & Endurance

Creagon helps to enhance endurancestrength, and recovery from exercise.

Creagon is one of the most beneficial supplements to add when trying to gain muscle or maintain muscle while trying to lean out.

Creagon works in a completely different way than Amino Factor or Isothority by providing creatine phosphate to be utilized as part of energy production during your workout.

Essentially you'll be able to gain strength more quickly, have more endurance from exercise to exercise at the gym, and recover more easily after a hard workout.

Who is it for?

Creagon can be utilized by anyone wanting to increase muscle mass, improve strength, increase endurance, or protect muscle while dieting.

What will I notice?

Increased strength is the easiest thing to spot. You'll notice the exercises you were doing a few weeks ago are quite a bit easier and you are able to add more weight to the bar (or complete more reps in the same exercise with ease). It takes a few weeks to really show the difference, so be patient!

Isn't Creatine all 'water-weight'?

Not at all actually. Our formula utilizes different types of creatine and russian tarragon to increase absorption. This means less bloating, stomach issues, and NO loading. The water retention associated with creatine is held in the muscle, and not the skin. That's not how it works, but it does have a hydrating effect to the muscle cells and is one added benefit to creatine.

Can women use creatine?

Absolutely! When we change the way we look at creatine, it's not a product for 'bulking' or a 'men's product' anymore. Creatine helps to provide a quick energy source for power and strength, while helping with recovery behind the scenes as well.

That doesn't mean you're going to look like The Hulk after taking it (are we going to get sued for this reference?).

Women gain muscle slower than men in general, and that muscle isn't nearly as bulky. That has to do a lot more with hormones than anything else. Creatine helps speed the process up for both men and women!

Don't worry, that guy at the gym isn't 'just taking creatine' like he claims either. Creatine helps, but it's not magic fairy dust by any stretch of the imagination. 


How do I use it?

1 scoop per day, anytime. Just mix it with about 8-10oz of water. Creatine builds up in your system over the course of a few weeks - and this type of creatine doesn't require any loading, sugar, or cause bloating. Just take it once a day, every day to maintain creatine saturation.

Directions:As a dietary supplement take one serving (1 scoop) with approximately 6-8 fl oz of water pre or post workout. On non-training days take one serving with your fist meal of the day.

Warning: Not for use by individuals under the age of 18 years. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Consult your physician before using this product if you are taking any prescription or over the counter medications or supplements. Keep out of the reach of children.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Jonathan H.
Great product!

Tried this for the first time. Great product and tastes great

Thanks Jonathan!

Jake C.

Great flavor to product unlike most creatine. I typically do not take a full scope feel bloating/water from full serving.

Thanks Jake!

Wayne H.

The most uniquely created Creatine product developed. Do your research and educate yourself on Creatine. This product meets all expectations. Read the ingredients list. Raspberry Lemonade tastes great!

Thanks Wayne!!

Paul K.
Amazing flavor

Really good stuff, I like the flavor and take it before heading to the gym. This is now the only supplement company I use, you won’t find better customer service anywhere

Thanks Paul!!

Joshua J.
Absolutely the best

Been taking products for years and I’m always changing started using nutrithority products and won’t go back to anything else. Flavors are great and the products break down in water so no clumps

Thank you Joshua!!

Jim H.
Working fine on an older guy.

At 75 it is helping my workouts a lot. I mix it with Mr. Fusion before my workouts and it gives me more energy, allows me to get a better workout lifting more weight and the lean muscle gain is going very well. I certainly feel stronger.

Thanks Jim!

Tamara S.
Creagon is amazing!

We have used the Creagon raw and flavored versions and they work great! Have used a couple months and no bloating like other brands. Recommended!

Thank you Tamara!!

Tricia S.
So far so good!!!

I have been using the Creagon for a few weeks now and it seems to be helping my strength!!!

Thank you Tricia!!

Aj S.
Training on the next level

Creating another delicious blend that helps push n pull the heavier weight. Fall off to.high reps lower weight and get that serious pump ! Fantastic product!

Thanks AJ!!

Alyssa B.

I love it! I can really tell a difference in lasting longer on my work outs.

Thanks Alyssa!!

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