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CardioFlux - Dual Action Pre-Workout Thermogenic

CardioFlux - Dual Action Pre-Workout Thermogenic

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  • Enhanced Thermogenic Fat Burning*
  • Boosts Metabolism*
  • Sustained Endurance & Energy*
  • Improves Mood & Restores Serotonin Balance*
  • Reduce Stubborn Fat*
  • Long Lasting Energy*

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Thumbs up

Flavor is good. Not too strong. I’m not a grape flavored anything lover. Gives me a good clean energy as well. Hope you come out with other flavors

Thanks for your review Lisa, the grape escape flavor is one of our favorites!! Glad you liked it :)

Jodi S.

I liked tastes me energy and no crash

Glad you liked the product and the taste Jodie!!

I recommend it

I enjoy using Cardio Flux. It has helped the cardio sessions and definitely increases the sweat.

You will definitely sweat using this product!! Glad you enjoy it Ryan!

Shalamar K.
Very strong peppery flavor

I’m not really sure how to describe it. The grape flavor is very good and prominent but when taking it, there is a very strong pepper (like chili) reaction. It almost feels like it’s spicy but it’s not really. It’s not very pleasant and is a little hard to get past.

Hey Shalamar,

Sorry you didn't like it. Paradoxine is a great ingredient but it is a little strong tasting to some.

Cardio Flux

Gives me the boost that i need to keep my working going.

We're glad you like it!!

Jonathan H.

Absolutely the worst pre-workout I have ever consumed!! They added some type of pepper spice flavoring so unless you like your throat on fire in the worst heartburn you've ever had the entire time you're trying to work out do not buy this product

Hey Jonathan,

Thanks for your feedback on this and testing our money-back guarantee. Your money has already been refunded for this product before I respond to your review.

CardioFlux contains ingredients to help heat you up, increase your metabolism, and make you sweat. One of those ingredients is Paradoxine or Grains of Paradise. It does a wonderful job for heating you up, but it does have a bit of a spice or peppery taste to it.

When we tested this, most people couldn't tell there was any peppery flavor to the product... but some people are more sensitive to it than others.

That's why we have our 90 day money back guarantee on all our products. It allows us to take the chance to make a superior product without the worry that we are going to produce something that some people may not like.

Mike C.

It gave me bad indigestion during the workout and I was not nearly as productive.

Taste wasn’t bad but had an aftertaste that just didn’t set well with me. I really wanted it to work.

Sorry you didn't like it Mike. We offer a 90 day money back guarantee on all of our products if you would like to take advantage of that.

Veronica L.
Great products, taste great

Loved getting to try the cardio flux with the option of a bundle.

Glad you liked it Veronica!!!

Wayne H.
Cardio Flux

No more thermogenic pills for me. This product hits good. Gets you going for some cardio. Both flavors taste great. Perfect amount of energy.

Glad you like it Wayne!!!

Ryan M.

Great products!! Wouldn’t expect anything less.

Thanks Ryan!!