Giant's Brew - Extreme Energy, Pump & Endurance Pre-Workout

The Most INTENSE Pre-Workout We've Ever Made

  • Fully Loaded Pump & Endurance Formula*
  • Unmatched Energy & Focus*
  • Massive Workout Intensity Spike*
  • Amplified Power & Drive


    Giant's Brew is an all-in-one pre-workout.

    Maximum Energy

    With three sources of energy-boosting caffeine, you'll feel Giant's Brew kick in FAST, but without the looming crash at the end of your workout.

    By combining Caffeine Anhydrous, Caffeine Citrate, an Di-Caffeine Malate you get a quick boost in energy without the nasty crash afterward.

    But that's not all - Giant's Brew's unique caffeine blend works synergistically with other ingredients like Citrus Aurantium and Rauwolsince to crank your energy up to the max and push you through your workout. 

    Maximum Focus

    To get the most out of your workout, you need to be 'in the zone.' With the right focus, you can get through just about any grueling workout.

    Giant's Brew uses both Teacrine and Dynamine to maximize focus, boost energy even further, and help put you in the zone.

    Combined with other focus ingredients like L-Tyrosine, Choline Bitartrate, and Huperzine A, Giant's Brew is guaranteed to help you dig deep and grind out those last few reps.

    Maximum Pump & Blood Flow

    When it comes to hypertrophy training, the pump is everything. It delivers more nutrients to the muscles you're training, increases blood flow, and stretches the fascia surrounding the muscle.. Plus it feels heavenly.

    That's why we stacked Giant's Brew with multiple fully dosed Nitric Oxide and pump boosting ingredients like Citrulline Malate, Betaine Anhydrous, and Nitrosigine. 

    Maximum Hydration

    Without proper hydration your pump suffers, your focus suffers, and your performance suffers. 

    In fact, something as simple as contractile force diminishes drastically when you're not fully hydrated.

    That's why you should always try to be as hydrated as possible when hitting the gym, but it's not as simple as just drinking more water.

    Water is important, but if you're training hard you're definitely sweating... sweating out key electrolytes like sodium that help keep you hydrated and enhance your performance and muscle contraction.

    That's why we added our Mammoth Hydration blend to Giant's Brew. It's packed full of Coconut Water Powder, Magnesium Bisglycinate Chelate, Calci-K, and Himalayan Pink Salt to provide all the electrolytes you need for your workout.



    Directions: Mix one scoop with 10 to 12 fl. oz of water and consume 30 minutes prior to your workout. Advanced users can consume up to two scoops prior to their workout with 20 fl. oz of water.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Julie R.
    Giants Brew

    This is the 2nd pre workout I have tried and I use this during my strength training and the 1.21 during my cardio. I love both pre workouts

    Thanks for your review Julie, we're happy you like the products!!

    Alyssa B.
    Aloha smash giants brew

    Unfortunately I haven’t been able to feel anything when I take this product before working out, and that is also with 2 scoops.

    Brandon R.
    Its tony the tiger grrrreat!

    Love the product but needs a little more flavor

    We're working on some new flavors coming soon!!!

    Taylor G.
    Giants Brew

    I was running low on 1.21 and Mr. Fusion, so I added this to my lineup. It is most definitely a premium product, although I prefer Mr. Fusion's taste over the Brew. It's hard to compare, so I switch it up some days. Top that with Nutrithority's customer service, I won't buy anywhere else.

    Glad you like it Taylor!!!

    Dustin C.
    Giants brew

    Awesome product. Meant to order gummy candy flavor but aloha smash wasn’t bad tasting. Definitely will order again.

    Happy you liked it Dustin!! Thanks for your review

    Casey M.

    I ran out of my Mr. Fusion, and figured I would give this a shot and this might be the greatest pre workout I’ve tried. The crushing Gummy flavor is awesome. I had one of my best and most intense workouts today. I feel like I could run a marathon too!

    Happy you like it Casey!!

    Eric S.
    Awesome brew

    Wow. I ordered this product when it premiered to take the advantage of the discount but just now started using it. Wanted to finish up my Cardio Flux which is another great product. Giant’s Brew is everything it says it is. It is so simple to mix and use. I felt the effects of the product immediately. Has no after taste, no crash feeling and helps you stay hydrated. If you are use to a pre-workout then give this a try. The name is Giants Brew but I call it Awesome Brew

    Awesome Brew it is Eric!!! Thanks for the review!!

    Jesse J.
    Pretty Dang Good

    Definitely a strong "brew" but worth it if you are experienced.

    Hopefully its the brew for you Jesse!!!

    Wayne H.
    Giant's Brew

    Hands down the best pre workout supplement on the market! Read the disclaimer: This is not intended for beginners. Get pumped, get sparked, get focused. This is not a pre workout you find in your grocery store. It does it's job. Now it's time for you to do your job! Put in the work.

    You are right Wayne, it is not for beginners !! Thanks!!

    Paul K.
    Best company

    This company is awesome. Customer service is in a league of their own. I used to try everything there was out there till I found this company. Since I first tried 1.2 preworkout, I haven’t ordered from another company. I know buy all my products from them. Clean energy and the coconut cookie protein powder is the best tasting protein out there of all protein powders across the board

    Thanks as always Paul!!

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