Thermite is a non-stimulant thermogenic.
  • Enhance Metabolic Capacity*
  • Stimulate Thyroid Hormone Production*
  • Support Fat Loss*


    What does that mean?

    • No stimulant based energy
    • Will not raise blood pressure
    • Will not keep you awake
    • Increased metabolic rate
    • Increased calorie loss
    • Supports healthy thyroid production

    Who is it for?

    Thermite was made to be used as a standalone or additional fat burner for anyone trying to achieve a weight-loss goal.

    Anyone looking to avoid utilizing stimulants or caffeine in their products will love Thermite.

    Additionally, it can be added to other fat burners to increase caloric loss and speed up fat loss WITHOUT adding extra stimulants and caffeine.

    What will I notice?

    When you take the product - very little. That's the beauty of a behind-the-scenes fat burner. You may feel a little warmer, or a bit sweatier if you take it before the gym. Otherwise there are very few side effects or things to notice other than fat loss happening easier than before.


    How do I use it?

    Consume 1 capsule in the morning and one capsule in the afternoon or evening. I prefer to take the doses about 12 hours apart.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    My trainer makes me take this

    It seems to work.

    Thanks for the review LM!!! Your trainer knows their stuff!! :)

    the best Thyroid Product on the market

    This has 300mcgs of 3,5 Diiodo-L-Thyronine with extra stuff like Olive Leaf Extract, Fucoxanthin, Forskoli. You can stack it with no complications. Other Products with 3,5 are loaded with TOO MANY Ingredients..LOL Cmon man. Get Thermite while you can. Remember to exercise when taking it. It will work

    Glad you like it Steel!! Thanks for the review.

    Eric S.

    What a great product that actually works. No jittery feeling and it works great with other supplements. I use it right along with Flux AF, another fantastic product.

    Thanks Eric!!

    Jordan C.
    No Jitters, Works Well

    I've determined I'm too sensitive to caffeine lately, so finding this "non-stim" (ingredients do mention 1% caffeine from Green Tea) was good for me. Taking it daily, seems to be helping. Keeps my energy up, and workouts aren't as difficult, from what I can tell. Probably will get again.

    Thank you Jordan!!

    Benjamin R.

    Love this!! It is the only thermal I can take at night and sleep like a baby!!

    Awesome! Thanks Benjamin!!

    Lisa M.
    Best stuff on the market

    This is one of the many supplements I have in my daily regimen and it’s one of my favorite. No jittery feeling and such a focused, clean energy it gives!

    Thank you Lisa!!

    Sonja G.
    Love it

    For me, I can’t do stimulants. Even espresso gives me anxiety and heart palpitations but thermite is perfect for me. I can still function all day and it’s just the right amount my body needs.

    Thank you Sonja!

    Stacy V.
    Water weight

    I suffer from putting edema. My Dr tried to put me on diuretics but they caused migraines. Thermite keeps my water weight under control while not causing migraines!! I absolutely love it!

    Thank you Stacy!! Glad it's helping out.

    Stacy V.
    Love love love!!

    Thermite has helped significantly with my water retention!

    Thank you Stacy!!

    Dolores W.

    Helps great with my hunger

    Thank you Dolores!!

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