Amino Factor

Sometimes, simplicity is key.

Amino Factor is a simple product. It only contains three ingredients:

  • L-Leucine
  • L-Isoleucine
  • L-Valine

Those three amino acids make up the Branched-Chain Amino Acids or BCAA's. 

Basically, these are the most important amino acids you could take in to help protect and rebuild muscle tissue around workouts.

The Science

Amino Factor is a 2:1:1 Instantized BCAA product. That specific ratio is one that has been clinically proven to increase muscle protein synthesis, speed up recovery, reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), and reduce muscle catabolism (waste). 


You may be asking yourself "Why don't you have _____ in it?" 

That's a great question, and truthfully - it's because it didn't make sense for us.

When we created Amino Factor, we wanted a true 2:1:1 BCAA product with a great flavor - and no gimmicks! 

We could have added glutamine, taurine, beta alanine, etc. but ultimately the goal of Amino Factor was to make a great BCAA product that is incredibly versatile regardless of your goals.

BCAA's are simple - three ingredients - and they work. Even without the gimmicks and flash.

What are BCAA's?

BCAA's are Branched-Chain Amino Acids.

Amino Acids make up all the protein we consume in every food source. There is a total of 22 different Amino Acids.

Out of the 22 Amino Acids, there are 9 Essential Amino Acids - those are the ones we HAVE to eat to survive. The other 13 amino acids can be 'produced' in our bodies after we have consumed the 9 Essential Aminos.

Out of the 9 Essential Aminos, we have the 3 BCAA's - Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine.

Those three amino acids are the magic-makers. They're the ones that increase protein synthesis, help with soreness, and help you break through those plateaus! 

Are BCAA's Safe?

Absolutely. Since BCAA's are just amino acids, there's very little possibility of any sort of allergy or reaction to them. BCAA's are just part of our food sources, just extracted so we can get them in by themselves to be utilized as quickly as possible.

Who is it for?

Amino Factor can be used by everyone that is exercising and needs to repair muscle. It can also be utilized to protect muscle from being lost during a weight-loss phase.

How do I use it?

Simple - Mix 1 Scoop with about 10oz of water around your workout. That could be before, during, or after! Personally, I mix it with my water while I'm working out and sip on it in between sets. This helps me to increase my water intake and stay hydrated while also protecting my muscles and aiding in the process of repairing them after the workout.

What will I notice?

Some of the effects are long-term, so you won't notice them as easily after your first dose. You should notice decreased soreness and quicker recovery after your first dose. People tend to notice this the most when they are taking it for the first time with a grueling workout they know will leave them sore for days - and realize they are not nearly as sore as they would have been normally.



On Training Days: As a dietary supplement, mix one serving of Amino Factor with 8-10 fl. oz of water. Consume pre, intra, or post-workout for best results.

On Non-Training Days: Amino Factor can be consumed anytime to improve muscular recovery and increase protein synthesis.

Warning: Not recommended for anyone under the age of 18. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Always consult your physician before using this or any other dietary supplement.

Customer Reviews

Based on 143 reviews
Christy S.
Wow love these aminos!

Great tasting, fun and unique flavors, would buy again! I am enjoying drinking it!

Thanks Christy!

Paul C.
Amino Factor is great

Awesome stuff!!

Thanks Paul!

Glenda j.
Hawaiian tango aminos

Great Great great

Thanks Glenda!

Great product

I love the taste. I got the gummy one and caramel apple. I don't feel any different when I use it though.

Thanks Heather!

The most you should notice with a good BCAA product is that you're less sore than normal. Sometimes we don't notice just how much less sore we are until we don't take it with a hard workout.

Alyssa B.

Very good, love all the flavors!

Thank you Alyssa!!

Kimberly G.

Love the green apple

Thanks Kimberly!!

Hament K.
Loved this flavor

I heard amazing things about this flavor and after trying it, I will buy it again for sure

Thank you Hament!!

Paul K.
New favorite

I haven’t tried all the flavors yet, but as of now it is my number 1 flavor

Thanks Paul!!

Tiffany S.
Amino Factor

Gushing Gummy is my new favorite flavor!

Thank you Tiffany!

Patrick M.
Amino Factor

One of the best products I have ever used. After a long day at work, it know it will get me going for my workout. Patrick

Thank you Patrick!!

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