Flux Elite Stack

Ready to lose weight as quickly and easily as possible?... Good, this stack was made for you.

Weight loss is never easy, but if you're struggling to find the time to hit the gym, control your hunger and cravings, or having metabolic issues that are keeping you from feeling confident in how you look...keep reading.

You CAN take control of your body, find the motivation to hit the gym, eat healthier, attack fat in the fastest way possible, and balance your body so you FEEL BETTER...

What it does

The Flux Elite Stack was made just for you:

  • EXTINGUISH HUNGER: stick to your meal-plan without the nagging hunger pains and cravings.
  • ALL DAY CLEAN ENERGY:  take on the day, all day long, without that annoying ‘crash’ ruining your productivity and making you want to take a nap.
  • ENHANCE FOCUS: stay on task and accomplish more with your day, every day.
  • ENHANCED PRODUCTIVITY: mark off your check list easier than ever and get more accomplished.

  • ENHANCED METABOLIC CAPACITY: stoke your metabolic fire and lose weight more easily.

  • STIMULATE THYROID HORMONE PRODUCTION: keep burning fat, even when you hit those annoying weight-loss plateaus that slow everything down. 

  • ACCELERATE FAT LOSS: your time is limited so you need something that kicks fat loss up even when you aren't always able to hit the gym.

  • ADAPT TO STRESS: sleep better, lose weight more easily, and feel more relaxed.

  • REGULATE CORTISOL: keep negative hormones like cortisol in check to help you stay on track for your weight loss goals and lose weight more easily. 

  • SUPPRESS EXCESS ESTROGEN THAT LEADS TO FAT STORAGE: too much estrogen is the same problem as not enough. Balance those levels and lose weight more-easily and feel better!


Don't just take my word for it, here's a few of our happy customers:

"10/10 recommend! I've been very energized all day while at work. I also have more energy when I'm at the gym and feel like I can work out longer than I usually do. If you need something to give you the extra step, you need this!" - Hanna B.

"Love this product. The Flux Elite Stack is a good quality product. The products works as described. The Flux provided the consistent energy I needed throughout the day." - Angela O.

"Loved this stack! It helped with keeping me full of energy throughout the day and kept my body and mind focused!" - Tiffany D.

Why its different

You see, the Flux Elite Stack was formulated with a very specific purpose - every ingredient was made to work together to help you attack fat from multiple different directions.

Most fat burners work in one way: increased energy and decreased appetite.

Sure, that can work initially for some because it helps to burn off more calories and eat less food. That's just a basic calories in vs calories out math equation. Stop using the product and... you guessed it - appetite soars while your energy level plummets. 

Flux Elite Stack works in a completely different way - sure there's the energy side of things and appetite control that help in a same manner, but it goes so much further.

Flux Elite Stack was made to solve the problems that you've had with other fat burners. You see, we listened to our customers, researched their problems with other fat loss products, and found ingredients to solve their problems. Problems like:

  • JITTERY FORMULAS - we use a time released blend of ingredients to give you a smooth all-day clean energy to keep you working just as hard in the afternoon as you did in the morning.
  • BRAIN FOG - our 'Brain Boosting Energy' blend includes things like Sulbutiamine which can help with focus, mood, and memory recall!
  • WEIGHT LOSS PLATEAUS - we designed the Flux Elite Stack to attack fat behind-the-scenes so that weight loss plateaus are a thing of the past.
  • NO HORMONAL SUPPORT - as we diet our hormones adjust as well and things like our metabolism and thyroid levels slow down drastically. The Flux Elite Stack helps to balance hormones like Cortisol and Estrogen so you can lose weight - and feel better!
  • INEFFECTIVE INGREDIENTS (and under-dosed!) - we hand-picked every ingredient in the Flux Elite Stack to help you achieve your weight loss goals. We also made sure we only used the full effective doses so you get the results you deserve!

We are so confident you're going to love the Flux Elite Stack that we GUARANTEE IT!

If you're not 100% satisfied with your Flux Elite Stack, just send it back to us within 30 days of your purchase and we'll refund your money! No questions asked. 

What’s in it?

Flux Elite Stack is the Ultimate Weight Loss Matrix

Thermogenic Flux

  • All Day Clean Energy
  • Enhanced Focus and Productivity
  • Appetite Control and Mood Enhancement


  • Enhance Metabolic Capacity
  • Stimulate Thyroid Hormone Production
  • Support Fat Loss


  • Adapt to Stress
  • Regulate Cortisol
  • Suppress Excess Estrogen

Flux Elite Stack is a full 30 day supply of: Thermogenic Flux, Thermite, and Equilibrium. Each one of these products brings an incredibly unique aspect to weight loss.

Thermogenic Flux: 

Just say NO to the 'fat burners' that will leave you foggy brained, jittery, and unable to focus. Thermogenic Flux is a feel-good thermogenic designed to provide a clean all-day energy with no crash, increased focus and productivity while controlling your appetite and speeding up your metabolism.


While there's a lot of products that can control your appetite (calorie restriction) or increase your energy (calorie expenditure), there are very few products that can increase your metabolic capacity without an increase in energy. Thermite was designed to help enhance metabolic capacity, stimulate thyroid production, and support fat loss. You WON'T feel Thermite working other than being a little warmer throughout the day. This means you can increase your weight loss without increasing the shakiness of your hands.


Balance stress, and regulate your hormones. Our bodies handle a lot everyday, and all of the stress adds up. Whether it's less sleep, more coffee, stress at home, at work, or just the way we're made. Equilibrium helps your body adapt to stress with key ingredients like KSM-66 Ashwagandha. Regulating stress and the hormone cortisol aids in better recovery as well as fat loss. Cortisol is a hormone we want to be in the normal range, not elevated. Equilibrium also helps to regulate estradiol, a specific form of estrogen that shouldn't be out of balance in both men and women.


Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Great starter stack!

This stack is exactly what I needed to get myself on track! Gives me long lasting energy without any jittery feelings. Love it! Would buy again

Thank you Lynnae!

Worth it!

I love this stack, it provides everything I need in an easy to purchase product!!! Love the results!!

Thank you Trish!

Love it!

This stack is always my go to whenever I۪m trying to start a new diet! It helps curve my appetite and gives me the energy that I need through out the day. Also, doesn۪t give me the jitters like some other brands do.

Thank you Jordan!

Good stuff

Helps gives that extra boost of energy. Never makes me feel jittery like some other stack packs I have tried from other companies.

Thanks Nick!

So far so good!!!

I've been taking the products for about a week now and have noticed some changes. I feel more focused, my appetite is stable and I have a little more energy. I am hoping it continues and after 30-60 days I will have visible results!!

Thank you so much Tricia! Glad you like it so far!

Amazing product

Can۪t say enough about this product ! My go to supplements and amazing team behind the brand that offers quality and on time service !

Thank you so much Charise!

This is by far the

This is by far the best stack I have ever taken! No store sells any Nutrithority in my city I still go out of my way to get it online I will definitely be sticking with this stack for a while! Nothing but good results from it!

Thank you Mark!!

I love this trio! I

I love this trio! I was really excited to add equilibrium to my routine! Especially during this quarantine, it has help me so much!

Thank you Danielle!!

Just barely started using it. So far so good.

I am skeptical to use any products especially ones that can effect my hormones. But I have really reached a plateau (quarantine isn't helping) and have liked using Nutrithority in the past, so I wanted to give this a try. I will touch back and let you know my true results/experiences.
#stillskeptical #readytotryingsomethingnew

Thanks Brittany, I'm confident you're going to love it. Be sure to come back and update us!

Use during every cut!

I use this stack during every cutting/prep phase and love it! Helps control my appetite and gives me energy!

Thanks Jillian!!

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