Immunity Stack


When your immune system isn't functioning properly, everything is compromised.
That's why we created the Immunity Stack
Immunity Stack includes:

Everything you need to support your immune system and help your body perform at it's peak. 

Why Mane Brain?

Mane Brain is a unique blend of mushroom and fruit extracts that help your body adapt to stress. That may be physical stress, mental stress, or a little bit of both. While the focus of this product is on physical performance - helping your body to perform at its best regardless of physical stress (hard workouts, potential overtraining) - it works incredibly well on helping your immune system perform at its best as well.

Why Greens Factor?

While this one is a little more obvious, some of it is not. Of course very few of us eat our full serving of vegetables per day, we tend to forget our immune system starts in our gut. The 4 Billion probiotics in Greens Factor, along with the healthy vegetables and superfoods, will help your body to ramp up its defenses - starting with your gut health.

Why Isothority?

No, it's not about making sure you get enough protein in per day - though that is still important. Due to the very delicate nature of the processing that goes into Isothority, immunoglobulins (IgG - naturally occurring in cow's milk) are retained and intact. High-heat processing for milk and typical protein processing destroys these immunoglobulins (IgG). These immunoglobulins help to support immune function and even help with asthma.

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