CardioFlux Launch Bundle

  • CardioFlux: Burn Fat With Every Workout
  • Amino Factor: Reduce Soreness and Improve Recovery
  • Isothority: Build Muscle and Improve Recovery


CardioFlux Launch Bundle: Burn Fat & Protect Your Muscles

The combination of CardioFlux, Isothority, and Amino Factor is the perfect stack to help you burn body fat and protect that hard-earned muscle from being lost.

Anytime we push for fat loss, we're at risk of muscle loss as well. The key to preventing muscle loss is providing the key nutrients needed to help repair and ultimately protect that muscle.



That means you get the best of both worlds: preworkout and fat burner.


CardioFlux was designed to help increase focus and concentration, increase energy, fight fatigue, and push you through your workout harder than before. CardioFlux is an ideal pre-workout for any workout that gets your heart rate up and keeps it there. 


CardioFlux uses key thermogenic ingredients like Paradoxine, GBB, and Yerba Mate to increase metabolism, reduce appetite, and help you burn fat more easily. They "heat you up" in a safe and natural way. That means you’ll burn more calories while you workout. And you’ll continue to burn extra calories for hours after you leave the gym. 


Isothority is a cross-flow cold-microfiltered whey protein isolate. Sounds fancy, right? Let's break it down: Isolate is the purest form of Whey Protein available. You get less filler, carbs, lactose, etc. This means it also digests much more easily without stomach issues. 

The method by which the protein is extracted is much more precise. Rather than using extreme heat, acid washes, and other harmful processes, we utilize a filtration system to isolate the protein. 

This leaves an incredibly clean protein that is easy to flavor, has a great texture, and digests extremely well. There truly is not another protein that is this pure, and tastes this good.

What it does: Isothority provides a great tasting, highly absorbable whey protein isolate to help with muscle recovery and to increase daily protein intake.

Amino Factor

Amino Factor is a simple product. It only contains three ingredients:




Those three amino acids make up the Branched-Chain Amino Acids or BCAA's. 

Basically, these are the most important amino acids you could consume to help protect and rebuild muscle tissue around workouts. 

What it does: Amino Factor helps to increase muscle recovery, reduce soreness, and stimulate muscle protein synthesis (which can help build muscle or protect it from being lost while dieting).

Action>talk Shaker

The Action>talk shaker is leak-proof, shatter resistant, and utilized action-rod technology to help mix all of your products without any left unmixed or clumpy. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ryan M.

Great products!! Wouldn’t expect anything less.

Thanks Ryan!!

Jennifer D.
Mixed review

The caramel coconut cookie protein shake is fantastic, the post workout is great but the pre workout tastes a bit off and causes me nausea first thing in the morning. I have been Leary to try in the afternoon

Thanks Jennifer!

Is the preworkout causing an issue on an empty stomach? If so you might try it with a little food or even reduce the dose slightly.

1/2 scoop might be your sweet spot to get the best effects for your preworkout without any nausea. Sometimes this can happen from too much Rauwolfia (one ingredient in cardioflux) for an individual person.

Cardio Flux brings a sweat

Cardio flux is definitely a great option to get a real good sweat in whether it’s cardio or working out. You definitely want to give it a try if you need some extra energy.

Thanks Matt!!

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