Nutrithority Sample Kit

Even though we offer our Money Back Guarantee on all of our products, sometimes you still just want to try things before you buy them.

Our Nutrithority Sample Kit is the perfect way to try out your favorite protein flavor, as well as all of our other sample offerings to find out what you like.

Sometimes the ones you're afraid of trying turn out to be the ones you love the most.

The Nutrithority Sample Kit includes 11 of our best selling items to try without having to commit to a full bottle. We're thinking if you try some of our products, you're gonna order more fast!! 

What’s in it?

The Nutrithority Sample Kit includes:


Isothority is a cross-flow cold-microfiltered whey protein isolate. If you are exercising, restricting your calories, or cleaning up your diet - you'll benefit from Isothority. 

Mr. Fusion provides an incredibly clean energy while maximizing pump and endurance. You'll be more focused, energized, and perform better through your workout. The amount of caffeine and stimulants is much more mild than other pre-workouts, so you shouldn't feel 'jittery' or anxious.

Mane Brain helps you perform at peak levels inside the gym, on the field, and at the office by providing Increased Oxygen Utilization During Exercise. Improving Maximum power output, helps you train harder and enhances cognitive ability. 

1.21GW is NOT a mild pre-workout, 1.21GW was made for extreme levels of energy and focus. When we say extreme, we mean extreme. 1.21 provides explosive energy & strength with no crash. Amplifies your workout intensity and improves your focus all in a single scoop serving. 

ThermoFlux AF is the advanced formula of Thermogenic Flux. We took the base formula of Thermogenic Flux and enhanced it with more stimulants and fat burning ingredients. This is the product you'll feel, if you're looking to feel a stronger product.

Thermogenic Flux is a mild energy product. It is exceedingly rare for this product to cause jitteriness or anxiety. Only a smooth energy boost, enhanced focus, and decreased appetite.

Thermite is a non-stimulant thermogenic that enhances Metabolic capacity. It Stimulates Thyroid Hormone production and also supports fat loss. This product was made to be used as a standalone or additional fat burner for anyone trying to achieve a weight-loss goal. 

Digestithority  was made to reduce gas and bloating. It also helps alleviate indigestion all while improving gut health.


IsothorityThe most important time is after your workout - 1 scoop mixed with 6oz of water (or milk) will do it for most everyone. It can also be utilized at any other time you would need a protein source; as part of a meal, as a milk shake, or just to increase total protein intake for the day.

Mr. FusionBeginners can take 1 scoop with about 6oz of water 30 mins before the workout. More advanced users can take 2 scoops with 12oz of water. Tip: You can make the flavor more mild by using more water to dilute it.


Mane BrainAs a dietary supplement, take 4 capsules 30-40 minutes prior to exercise. On days you don't exercise, take 4 capsules first thing in the morning. 

1.21GWBeginning users should always assess tolerance with 1/2 a scoop in 6oz water. This isn't a normal pre-workout and even if you've been taking 2 scoops of 'other' pre-workout, I would still take 1/2 a scoop of 1.21GW to see how it will affect you. Advanced users can use 1 scoop mixed with about 10-12oz of water.


ThermoFlux AF: 2 pills in the morning and 2 pills in the afternoon.

ThermoFlux AF is an advanced fat burning matrix. As a dietary supplement, consume (2) capsules immediately upon waking followed by (2) capsules in the afternoon. ALWAYS assess tolerance with the minimum dose of (1) capsule per day. USE ONLY AS DIRECTED. DO NOT EXCEED 4 CAPSULES PER DAY. DO NOT TAKE WITHIN 7 HOURS OF BEDTIME.

Thermogenic Flux1 pill in the morning and 1 pill in the afternoon.

ThermiteConsume 1 capsule in the morning and one capsule in the afternoon or evening. I prefer to take the doses about 12 hours apart.

DigestithorityAs a dietary supplement, take 1 serving (3 capsules) 1 to 2 times daily as needed to alleviate stomach issues.

You can take it two different ways: Before problems start, or after they're already bothering you.

If you know a certain meal will cause a problem (like a cheat meal), take 3 capsules 30 minutes before eating.

If you've noticed problems after you've eaten a specific meal - gas, bloating, etc - take 3 capsules as soon as possible. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Best sample pack ever!!

Everything I tried tasted great and helped me eat clean all day.

Thank you Edward!!

Chris C.
Nutrithority review

Got the sample pack have tried the protein, is super delicious and the fat burners are great! definitely recommend.

Thank you Christene!!

Samuel P.
Awesome bundle

This is a good bundle to sample everything they have to offer and for the price, it۪s a good investment. I only tried one item, but so far, I۪m loving it which I۪m looking forward to trying them all.

Thank you Samuel!!

Anayelli D.
Awesome sample pack!!!!

I loved this sample pack even though I have been on the prework out for some time now, it was still nice to try out the protein powder and some of the other products! I love all of these products they don۪t leave me with a jittery feeling.

Thank you Anayelli!!

Laura F.
Great way to try everything!

Great way to try everything!

Thank you Laura!

Sample kit, say whaaaat?!

First of all, I was beyond thrilled to see they even offered any samples. Then they offer a VARIETY of samples?! :shocked_face_with_exploding_head: I was so pleased to get this as a Christmas gift. I would۪ve been so leery of ordering larger items just to see if I liked them. I could not have asked for anything more. :heart_eyes:

Thank you Ashley!! Glad you liked everything!

Trina R.
Great Company

I ordered the sample pack from a friends suggestion. So far the products are top notch. Could not believe my order included a handwritten thank you note. I look forward to ordering again.

Thank you so much Trina!

Happy couple

My fianc̩ and I are trying to get in better shape for our wedding we ordered the cinnamon roll sample pack and were rather impressed this is the first protein shake that hasn۪t been chalky or full on chunks no matter how much you shake it!!! The blue shaved ice was amazing and the caramel apple amino factor was yummy(cold or warm) thanks for making this journey a little easier!!! Such a great product and love the handwritten notes to motivate us!!!

Thank you so much Laura! Glad you liked the products!!

Andrea F.
Sample Kit Heaven

Great flavor, great feeling! Love going to the gym excited to put in work knowing I۪m taken care of by the best stuff. As you can see, the protein powder is all I have left! Will definitely be ordering more. Thanks Jared!

Thank you so much Andrea!! Happy to help - Jared

Ashlyn S.
Outstanding customer service

I've ordered from Nutrithority multiple times but this time was my biggest order because I'm sending stuff to my husband who is deployed. I was accidentally sent the wrong flavor isothority. I emailed the team and got a response within 1 minute. They sent the correct flavor and a return label. It got to my place in 3 days! Their customer service is just the best and I
absolutely love the products!!

Hey Ashlyn! Thanks so much for the great feedback, and I'm glad we can help out! We're always available if you ever need us!! Thanks for your support!

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