Nutrithority Notebook

Want to be more productive, improve memory, and increase your success? Finally the answer to all of your questions is here. The Nutrithority Notebook is the ultimate coalescence of style and organization. You'll never lose your million dollar idea, again!

This 5"x7" soft leatherette Notebook not only shows that you use Nutrithority products, but that you're smart and wise with your money. You'll now be the envy of your friends.

The journal includes are convenient elastic band to keep your notes safe, and organized! No more bent, torn, or lost pages from throwing the notebook in your bag in a hurry due to your extremely busy lifestyle.

Wasted time searching for your last page you wrote in? TIME WASTED NO MORE! The included matching color book mark will keep track of the pages for you, so you don't have to!

Nutrithority Notebook

  • The Ultimate in Note-Taking Capabilities
  • 80 Sheets of lined paper ready to handle anything you throw at it.
  • Convenient elastic band securely fastens the journal closed.
  • Matching color bookmark means you’ll never waste time searching for the right page – again.


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